Trifecta Premium Audit (TPA) is a sole proprietorship, founded on January 1, 2017, and headquartered at 4121 S. Okemos Rd, Okemos, MI 48864.

We provide premium audit services to property & casualty insurance carriers. We are a vendor and may trade some customer requests for audit with other vendors.

Our auditors perform audits for General Liability, Worker’s Compensation and Commercial Automobile insurance policies specializing in audits for policies with more than $100,000 in premium.

We conduct virtual audits in all fifty states, while physically located in Arkansas, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, and Michigan. We provide physical audits upon request.

Our founder and president, Mark Duncan, originated Trifecta through developing winning strategies and innovative tools in the “heat of the battle”. Mr. Duncan’s premium audit teams have each one excelled in all three phases of Trifecta, not for weeks or months at a time, but for years. Trifecta is the triple crown of premium audit – delivering superior time service and quality product.

Mark now brings his Trifecta philosophy to the marketplace as a business owner. He earned his strong credentials first, as an outstanding auditor, working his way through to successfully managing a region. Mark’s unique approach to all things premium audit include innovative tools, organizational-changing strategies, and the Trifecta model of collaborative decision making.

4121 S. Okemos Rd #23
OKEMOS, MI 48864
(931) 981-4780